“He showed me the voice is so much more than what I thought it was.  Now I understand that it is the whole body, the whole breath, the whole spirit.”

Erica Rey, Student

Robert Een has served on the faculty of UCLA, New York University, Naropa University and UC Santa Barbara.  He has given workshops and master classes worldwide in addition to presenting lecture/demonstrations about his teaching and performance work.



This lecture/demonstration introduces concepts and approaches to collaboration between artists, be they choreographers, composers, visual artists or directors.  This is a conceptual approach to art making with an emphasis on ways to create and develop dialogue between artists from differing disciplines, as well as establishing criteria for critiquing work.

Robert Een will perform musical excerpts from his award winning scores and screen selections of his collaborations with filmmakers, choreographers and stage directors. 

Raising Voice

This is an experiential vocal workshop with participants actively engaged in breath work, movement and vocalization as a means of discovering and exploring one’s own voice.  This is a physical approach to singing with singing being defined in its broadest sense as all possible sounds made by the human voice.

Concepts of Creation

This lecture/demonstration covers numerous approaches to the creative process.  Drawing upon Western and Eastern traditions this overview on creating emphasizes archetypal forms, situations and characters, sound and pictorial landscapes as well as providing an historical perspective on the deep connection between music and dance.